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About JPM

Jewelry Princess Manufactory is a designer, manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter of a wide range of sterling silver jewelry located in Bangkok, Thailand providing quality products and services to jewelry designers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers from all continents.

We began in Bangkok more than two decades ago catering to the wholesale market in sterling silver 925 jewelry business, so that we could fully capitalize on the high quality handmade products that are synonymous with Thailand and our professional craftsmanship. Our manufacturing facilities produce an average of four hundred thousand units of any given design of jewelry per month while maintaining constant quality.

Our products widely range from “classic” to “highly trendy” designs of rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, toe rings, and many more. You can visit us directly at our showroom in Bangkok or at major jewelry exhibitions throughout the year.

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jewelry princess manufactory

Manufacturing Process



Each piece starts with a concept. A concept is basically a rough design or idea in the mind of the designer based on specified theme. The designer will draw rough sketches creating a feel of the design. Each of our designers is very unique, and their sketches truly reflect their personality and passion.



We gather all the rough sketches from all the designers and select the ones that truly reflect the modern, distinct, and attractive feelings.



Once chosen, the rough sketches are then sent back to the design department, which will create detailed sketches of the design. Once our designers put all details including all of the specification like dimension, approximate weight, size of gemstones as well as other necessary details, they will pass these selected designs to the product development department to create a mold of a particular design.



Firstly, an original mold has to be created which will subsequently be replicated for production of the actual models. Our mold makers have a great deal of patience, expertise and concentration, as well as an in-depth understanding of the physical properties of the rubber compound and the materials when sculpting each figurine. They normally have to recheck the details including the size of the gemstones and their weight in order to make sure that the designs given are practical to produce.



The production planners decide which designs to produce. Once production has been determined and scheduled, the original molds are transferred to the casting department.



The casting area receives the production schedule and casts each piece in the casting machines. Each casting machine is capable of producing hundreds of casts every hour. During casting process, a molten wax is injected into the mold to create a wax, which is arranged in a tree form. The entire tree is then put into the casting machine. Silver is then poured into the machine and replaces the wax.



Once finished, they are then sent to the stone setting area, where stone specialists set the gemstones into the casting. This is a very delicate, time-consuming process that requires a lot of skills. For some cases, we do this process once the product is finished depending on the design and finishing. Please note that this process does not apply to items as plain silver, mother of pearl, and crystal.



The specialist uses rubbing wheel, sander, and-or laser welding machine polishes each piece of jewelry as necessary.



The finishing process involves taking the polished piece and subjecting it to a proprietary technique, which gives the silver piece a shiny look. There are many types of finishing. These are the finishing that we normally present to our customers: silver plating, rhodium plating, black rhodium plating, sand brush, laser cut, hammer finishing, gold plating, rough finishing (ice matte), and oxidation. Each finishing is done though a unique, different, and specialized technique.



Each and every piece of jewelry goes through our rigid quality control area. It is checked for accuracy on casting, stone setting, and finishing. If any piece does not meet the required standards, it is simply rejected to previous process for repairing or reproducing.



Each item is carefully packed into individual poly bag, which is our standard packaging. We also offer various packaging methods (e.g. packing with card, box, and-or display) as well as customers' own packaging style.



Finished items are sent from our factory or warehouse to our customer's doors by airfreight through well-known courier companies like FedEx, UPS, TNT, and etc.

*Please note that actual manufacturing process for each item may vary depending on design, setting, finishing, and packaging.

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